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20/09/2013 14:17

I was one of a small group of Bradford business people in touch with what is happening on the ground in Bradford that attended an audience in Bradford with Sam Simpson, Deputy Agent for the Bank of England.

The main point for discussion was the apparent lack of mainstream bank support for SMEs in the Bradford area, and also the difficulty of securing funding for commercial property purchases.

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17/09/2013 14:16

It was good to visit the Bradford Business Conference ( B B C) on 12th September 2013. Whilst browsing the various stalls in the exhibition room at the Hotel I was spotted by David Robertson-Brown and Jacqueline Ramdeen who gave me a useful update on the Growth Zone. The Growth Zone promoters are hoping to be able to announce shortly, additional financial assistance to firms who want to expand into commercial premises within the geographical area of the Zone.

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