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26/03/2017 18:48

Principles ultimately matter more than money and it is important that clients feel they can place their full confidence in us; given that we are advising them on what is a major asset.

The RICS has this week indicated an objective to get tougher on conflicts of interest, with regard to RICS Regulated Firms and, one would anticipate, especially in relation to carrying out valuation work. This comes as the RICS seeks to consult with its members about updating the Red Book (for valuations) in line with International Valuation Standards.

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10/03/2017 16:06

Welcome to this month’s property spotlight blog! This month we are highlighting three fantastic opportunities for businesses to let commercial property in Bradford. 



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09/03/2017 14:22

The most significant of the small changes made in the Chancellor’s 2017 Spring Budget is in connection with business rate relief.

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